Paul Scheer

Congressman since 1985

UPROXX: Paul Scheer Talks About ‘Crash Test,’ A Roving Comedy Special Aboard A 60-Foot Glass Bus

When Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel first stumbled upon the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre’s Crash Test show in 2004, it was run by Aziz Ansari in New York City. The two friends were hosting an ’04 election special, but “the show got progressively more depressing as the night went on,” so they decided to check out what Ansari was doing instead. A decade later it’s all theirs, and they’ve turned it into a movable comedy special filmed in and around a “60-foot glass bus.”

Despite a busy schedule, what with popular shows like The League and The Hotwives of Las Vegas premiering on FXX and Hulu respectively, Scheer was nice enough to chat with us about Odd Future getting the Paramount Studios lot stoned out of its mind, planning a bit with Ansari via text message, and how the Crash Test special came about.