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About a year ago I went to Lake Havasu, Arizona to shoot a little independent movie that told of the struggles of a small town sheriff, her family, and a shitload of Piranha. Oh and it’s in 3D too.

PIRANHA 3D comes out today and it’s even more insane, funny, and bloody then I could have imagined. It’s everything you hoped SNAKES ON A PLANE was but wasn’t.

See the film some are calling the CITIZEN KANE of 3D PIRANHA movies. 

Definitely go check it out this weekend, I guarantee that you will laugh, scream, cheer and be like, “WTF am I watching!” 

When you go, Here are My Rules for Watching Piranha 3D  

  1. Applaud every time Christopher Lloyd comes on Screen. 
  2. High Five the person next to you every time you see boobs.
  3. Whenever Ving Rhames does something bad ass yell, “Fuck Yeah Ving!”
  4. Throw Swedish Fish at the Screen every time someone dies…with 500 deaths it’s going to be tough, bring multiple bags. (Gummy Bears also work)
  5. Dance along with the underwater naked 3D ballet. (Yes, this movie has one of those) 
  6. Do a Shot of an alcoholic beverage (which you snuck in) every time a character in the movie drinks.
  7. If you see a CGI penis exclaim “IT ATE HIS PENIS” 
  8. Fill the movie theater with water for the last 20 minutes of the movie and have your own spring break. 
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    Why don’t I own this movie? If you haven’t seen it, CHANGE THAT!
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    goddamn right.
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    AAAAND suddenly I want to go see this movie. So badly.
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    I would go watch this movie if this is what was going down.
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