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Modern Family’s Danny Zuker joins June, Jason, and I to figure out how Cindy Crawford was given a starring role in 1995′s Fair Game. They’ll discuss the absurdity of someone having a pizza account, Cindy Crawford being awful at seducing a super nerd, and what exactly the film’s title refers to. Be sure to get tickets for Paul’s Christmas Spectacular and aLIVE Holiday edition of How Did This Get Made? (2nd LATE show added) at Largo in Los Angeles on December 12th & 13th!


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    This is the best movie in the history of cinema and you’ll never convince me otherwise.
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    It still blows my mind that this and Cobra are based on the same book. Like, I need to watch them back to back and...
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    OH BOY.
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    "Cindy Crawford shot additional scenes on her own to help develop her character."
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    Happy to say we had a bit to do with this happening!
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