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Have you never watched NTSF:SD:SUV::?

Well here is your chance to catch up - ADULT SWIM is rerunning the entire 2nd season in it’s entirety every Thursday at MIDNIGHT (and 12:15AM) with back to back episodes for the next 6 weeks.



Also take a look at Ed Helms as ROBOCOP in an upcoming episode for Season 3 which Starts July 25th

Need More Reasons to watch the Season 2 Marathon 

  1. Max Greenfield (Schmidt-New Girl) plays a sexier and more violent Robert Pattison-esque character who might be guilty of murder.  
  2.  Steven Yeun (Glenn-Walking Dead) helps us infiltrate a High School as an over enthused Glee Club member. 
  3. Ray Liotta fight Martin Starr
  4. Rob Huebel wields a sword like a Boss
  5. Alan Tudyk (Firefly) & Jake Johnson (New Girl) are Dog Mask Wearing Bike Thieves.
  6. Bod Odenkirk makes a Robot.
  7. Jason Mantzoukas (Rafi-The League) has to deal with Comic Con Nerds
  8. Aziz Ansari needs to touch little boys to see the future. 
  9. Bill Hader’s Head Explodes 
  10. Alison Brie is pissed off and Ike Barinholtz is a Dick.

Plus Aubrey Plaza, Stacy Kiebler, Michael Gross, Jason Ritter, and MORE!  

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    Ashley Johnson shows up chastising Human Sam on wearing a sandwich board that says “Downton Abbey Sucks” and for him...
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    Honestly I don’t know why you’re not watching this show.
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