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This season on Burning Love, it’s Damaged Darlin’ Julie’s (June Diane Raphael) turn to find her soul mate. After Mark broke her heart, Carly was there to pick up the pieces. It was a wonderful experience in the end, Julie realized she is not a lesbian, she’s not even bi-sexual. She’s not entirely sure how she ended up with a woman, it was probably just because she liked the attention.

Now, she’s ready to settle down with one of 16 eligible bachelors. These men have come from all over the country. Some are personal trainers, some are not. But they all want screen time and to make a good impression on Julie.

Bill Tundle (Michael Ian Black) is back to host. There will be a “Bad Boy”, a “Rapper”, a “Single Dad”, a “Luxurious Lifestyle Consultant”, a “Jewish Guy” and a lot of other exciting hilarious characters. And of course Mark Orlando will make an appearance, along with a string of other celebrity cameos.

There will be romance, bromance, chemistry, physical attraction, bro-ing out, wrestle fights, fist fights, word fights, cross dressing, fire-side chats, intrigue, surprise exits, surprise returns, impressions, communication, hurt feelings, insecurities, convertibles, tears, testosterone surges, bus throwing under-ing and feelings as the most romantic web series that will ever be continues.


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    Yes. Burning Love season 2 is here, and there’s gonna be season 3 too.
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  10. andherimagination said: You should make this available to Australian regions :(
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    Best news of the day.
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    If you never watched Burning Love Season 1: Shame on you. That’s no excuse not to watch Burning Love Season 2 when it...
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