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12 weeks of “Funny or Die Presents” on HBO debuts Feb. 19/20

Check this out! HBO’s online schedule finally has a home for the 10 half-hours, which has turned into 12 weeks according to what HBO tells me, of new sketch comedy on TV thanks to Funny or Die, in their series Funny or Die Presents. It all premieres at midnight Friday on Feb. 19 (or, technically, 12:00:01 a.m. Feb. 20).

From my earlier reporting, I already told you that as a result of the FOD’s deal with HBO, we’d be treated to televised productions of Brett Gelman’s 1,000 Cats absurdity, a mini-miniseries starring Paul Scheer and Rob Riggle, and new sketches from Slovin & Allen. What else can we look forward to? Oooh, suspense! Here are the initial times for the first two episodes, as shown on HBO’s schedule (note: all times Eastern).

(Via The Comics Comic)

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  1. yumwatch reblogged this from paulscheer and added:
    Will 2010 be the year in which I can watch something my friends made on HBO?!?!? Here’s hoping!
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    Way to go, FOD.
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    this is gonna be great. i believe it will be paired with season 2 of ‘the life and times of tim’ ananimated version of...
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    comedy wise, nothing has sounded better since i found Louis CK’s Chewed Up on Netflix’s “Instant Queue” (that was...
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    We can also look forward to a new “Drunk History.” Can I come watch HBO at your house?
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    Cannot wait! Hoping to get HBO before then.
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    A show I directed starring Rob Huebel, Ed Helms, Tom Lennon, Malin Akerman, Rachael Harris, Creed Bratton, Jerry Minor,...
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    Damn i wish I had HBO.
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