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w/ Special Guest Al Yankovic & Birdemic Star Whitney Moore!

Listen to our 2nd Live SUPERSIZED show at LARGO 

What’s Birdemic?

On a 2009 “Best of” list, Bloody Disgusting listed Birdemic amongst its honorable mentions, calling it “the best worst film you’ll see in 2010”.[28] The Huffington Post referred to the film as “truly, one of the worst films ever made.”[3]Variety reported that “‘Birdemic’ displays all the revered hallmarks of hilariously bad filmmaking: inane dialogue…miscued music, godawful sound…and special effects that simply must be seen to be believed: birds dive-bombing and exploding in red-and-yellow poofs of smoke, and clip-art eagles, crudely pasted on the screen, with only their wing tips mechanically flapping.”[29]The Village Voice described Birdemic as “one more in the pantheon of beloved trash-terpieces.”[30]Salon commented on the “atrocious CGI” and reported that the film had become “a cult hit among bad-movie fans.”[31]

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    I listened to this last night and it was hilarious. If you’re not already listening to Paul’s podcast, you need to do...
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    file under: commuter life. i’m listening to this on the train and zouks says something and i explode with laughter....
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    I went to this show, it was epic!
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    At last it’s here!
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    Paul Scheer! Come hangout at Cameron’s Pub, which is where parts of Birdemic was filmed :)
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    I was there!! You can watch this on Netflix. Oh God is it bad!
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  16. roarlivia said: I’ve been waiting for this to happen almost as much and I’ve been waiting for Peephole: The Perverted
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